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sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2008

"How do we now deliver prosperity for our people?"


The Party Leaders of the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) held their Executive and annual general meeting from 22nd to 23rd November, 2008 in Accra, Ghana to evaluate the potential impact of the global financial crisis on Africa.

This conference with the theme “The Global Economic Crisis - How do we now deliver prosperity for our people?” discussed and resolved the following:

That the recent global financial crisis could potentially decrease loans/grants, reduce the prices of most primary commodities, decrease remittances from the Diaspora and have other effects.

That Africa should hold an Africa wide summit to prepare for the challenge ahead and agree a common position that will ensure:

The establishment of a new financial order that puts people ahead of profits and allows the full engagement of African countries in the design and implementation of the new system.
That Africa is better prepared for fuller participation in the financial decisions by investing more into education and research.
That Africa can develop a viable financial system based on mutual interest.

The conference specifically discussed and resolved the following:

From Poverty to Prosperity-Creating the right economic framework for success

Have democratically elected, accountable and transparent governments who vigorously pursue a zero tolerance policy on corruption.
Create a business friendly environment.
Promote the development of human resources through education and transfer of skills.
Exploiting and adding value of natural resources.
Have a balanced free and fair trade between all African nations and the rest of the world.
Open up Africa markets to Africans.

Investing in the future-delivering quality health care and education for all

Deliver the education to provide the skills that Africa needs..
Ensure the best use of the trained people that we have, by paying them properly and placing them in the right jobs to meet their skills.
Improve public health care through education, sanitation and improved nutrition.
Recognising the dreadful impact of HIV/ Aids and other diseases, properly funded health care and education must be a priority. This should be funded through an individual insurance policy to complement government efforts.

Peace and Prosperity-Ending conflict and restoring growth
Promote dialogue and the implementation of decisions/resolutions.
Build trust among stakeholders.
Strengthen civic and democratic institutions including having independent electoral commissions.
Provide responsible leadership that respects the rule and ensures the separation of powers between judiciary, executive and the legislature.
Ensure the effective management of natural resources that benefits the whole nation.

These actions have to be taken under good leadership based on core center-right principles of; belief in fiscal responsibility, free trade, enterprise, low taxes, belief in the family and belief that freedom comes with responsibility and that power should be in the hands of the people and not the government.

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